Romantic Indiscretions Dominate 'Drop Dead Diva'

Season 3, Episode 8: Romantic indiscretions and entanglements are the focus of this week’s episode ofDrop Dead Diva and ends up a battle of "He said, She said".

Jane arrives to work to find out she was late for the morning staff meeting, so Terri gives her a peace offering to get on Parker’s good side his favorite sandwich. Jane decides to apologize to Parker in purpose and walks in on Bobbie and him in a compromising position.  Jane is shocked and horrified and decides to take a breather on the balcony.

Fred finds Jane on the balcony and she flips out at him. She tells him she has had to deal with enough as Jane; she lost her identity, her fiancé, her life, and job and has a new body. Now her mom a.k.a Deb’s mom is sleeping with Parker.  Intent on continuing to vent, Jane goes on to Fred who tries to reason with and console her until Terri interrupts with an emergency.

Kim is shocked to see her niece in the office, where she knows her high-maintenance sister isn’t far behind and she was right. Jenna says she hasn’t come for a visit she needs Kim’s help. Jenna tells Kim she’s getting a divorce, but the proceedings are stalled because her husband won’t give her what she wants. The case is in binding arbitration and she wants they both want to resolve the issue because her husband is scheduled to get married in just a few days. Kim tells her she’ll see what she can do. Read More....


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