'The Lying Game' Series Premiere: An Honest To Goodness Hit In The Making

If you thought Rosewood deserved the title "Most Deceptive Town in America," you obviously haven't visited Phoenix, Arizona, lately—the setting for author Sara Shepard's second small screen adaptation, "The Lying Game," which premiered last night on ABC Family.

Separated-at-birth twins Sutton and Emma (played by Alexandra Chando, who reminds me of a charming cross between Nina Dobrev and JoAnna Garcia) couldn't have had more different upbringings. Sutton's lived a life of privilege thanks to her well-off adoptive family the Mercers, yet she still yearns to unravel the mystery of her birth parents' true identities. Which is how she stumbles upon long-lost sister Emma, who's spent the majority of her childhood bouncing around the foster care system and currently lives with a Peeping Tom foster sibling and an unstable foster mother. But when pervy faux-bro sets her up to take the fall for petty larceny, Emma hops the next bus to Phoenix to reunite with the only real family she has—sister Sutton. Read More...



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