Artie and Jinks Try to Steal Van Gogh's 'Stormy Night' on 'Warehouse 13' (VIDEO)

Most people would consider a long-lost Vincent Van Gogh's painting like 'Stormy Night' to be an historical artifact, a famous work of art from another era. The word 'artifact' means something different to Artie and Jinks on 'Warehouse 13' (Mondays, 9PM on Syfy). To them, an 'artifact' is an item of considerable power that could possibly be harmful if it fell into the wrong hands, and 'Stormy Night' meets that criteria.
Since it's their job to catalogue and store these dangerous artifacts, Artie and Jinks set out on a mission to steal the real 'Stormy Night' and replace it with a fake. They had lots of neat tools from Warehouse 13 to help, including a camera that can transfer a perfect replica to another canvas and "memory paper" from Gutenberg's printing press. "Van Gogh himself wouldn't know the difference," said Artie.


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