Chu-Bra Season 1 Episode 04 Review: Each Has Their Own Shapes

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

Chu-Bra continues to do its best of straddling the line with what it wants to portray and with the fourth episode I again find myself enjoying it but not quite sure I should. The educational quality we've talked about before is again the focus here and it's something that they're dealing with quite naturally, as well as bringing in the flak that Nayu will get from this entire endeavour. The boys starts to get a bit more involved this time around though and a minor incident sends up a big warning sign for those in the school staff about just how bad of an idea this whole thing may be.

Nayu's quest to create an Underwear Club is having a ripple effect, but in all honesty much of what we see here would happen regardless. As the school year slowly gets underway, the usual things that boys do deal in start to come to light, such as the 'big breast ranking' sheet that ends up falling in front of Haruka at one point. With her body type, she's obviously at the top of the list and that's making her even more self conscious than she has been before. She's long had people point and stare at her and it's even worse now because the boys she goes to school with are noticing her and they're unsure of how to properly react to it. It's a confusing time all around and kids act out in very different ways.

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