‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 2, Episode 10, ‘Touched by an ‘A’-ngel’: TV Recap

Big Plot Points to Remember: Not a lot of lies this week, to be honest! Still no update on who was in the morgue. Nothing about who ordered the boots.  Nothing on page five of the autopsy. Nothing on Caleb, except he’s still gone. Nothing on Samara and Emily.

It’s college fair day at school, which gives everyone a chance to blow off most of the day, and also re-introduces Dr. Sullivan, whom Ella hopes could counsel troubled Mike. Emily breaks down and wants to see the therapist, but is scared off by "A."  Hanna tries to befriend her stepsister-to-be Kate, but blows it big time by complaining about her not knowing she’s on a live loudspeaker at the country club.  Emily goes for a massage and the first part of it is done by "A," which freaks her out, but since she was face down, still doesn’t know who it was.  Jason explains that it was Ali who took the pictures, but Spencer warns Ezra about Jason being dangerous to Aria. So Ezra decides he and Aria should out themselves. Aria’s mom Ella thinks that it’s Spencer and Ezra who might be involved, because she saw the two of them talking in Ezra’s car. Going through Ian’s things to pack them up before Melissa comes home, Spencer looks through his yearbook and wonders what the "N.A.T." club is that he, Garrett and Jason all belonged to. She conveniently finds a t-shirt with a Latin motto "Nos Animadvertus Totus" that translates as "We See All." And she wonders if "A" might not turn out to be a group of people? Blind Jenna tries to threaten Spencer, and confers with Garrett about what they know. Garrett kind of sort of threatens Jason. Dr. Sullivan greets an unseen patient. Read More...



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