Pretty Little Liars Promo & Photos: Episode 2.11 "I Must Confess"

Well, things just got crazy on Pretty Little Liars.  It seems like a lot of the loose ends are being connected.  Except with this being Pretty Little Liars, they're all sure to unravel soon.

Spencer and Emily confronted Aria about the creepy photos they found in Jason's shed.  When Aria confronted Jason about them, he managed to explain them away as photos that Alison took, which he was going to have framed and given to Aria as a gift.  This dispelled her fears, but didn't change Spencer's mind that he is up to no good.  Aria also had serious relationship problems.  She let the kiss between her and Jason slip to Ezra, who was initially angry, but then wanted the two of them to come clean about their relationship.  Unfortunately, Aria soon learned that her mother would be furious if Ezra had been in a relationship with one of his students (which was rumored while he was working at the high school), so Aria is forced to keep it a secret indefinitely. Read More...


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