'America's Got Talent': Landon Swank, West Springfield Dance shine on Wild Card night


Due to a power outage, I did not have access to "America's Got Talent" last night, so my apologies on the lateness of this. Also, I'm doing it based on the online videos, so I don't have the judges' comments on my versions. I also don't have the right order, though I'm pretty sure the Kinetic King went first because of set-up.1. The Kinetic KingI hope this goes better than last time, even if I don't think he should advance. Nobody wants to watch him be sad and embarrassed. This week, he has many pop cans set up along with his tongue depressors and it gets going, but it's reeeeeeally slow. It's not as cool as his exploding tongue depressors. OK, so that was kinda boring and he should not advance, but I'm glad he got his redemption for last time.2. Seth Grabel Seth talks to the audience as he is lowered to the stage...



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