Sora no Woto Season 1 Episode 4: Quartz Rainbow

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With its laid back nature, Soranowoto moves into its fourth episode by pairing up Kanata with another member of the base by sending her out on a supply run with Noel. Soranowoto is following tradition by bonding the lead with each character as time goes on, introducing us to Kanata and the city in the first episode and then working through Kureha for spunk and then Rio for calm seniority. Noel's been the kind of character that will definitely appeal to fans since her early introduction because of her soft voice, her very quiet nature and the fact that she's the main mechanic and engineer of the base. Her love of the tank and trying to repair it is something that speaks out to a lot of people and makes her the kind of character that fans can connect with easily.

Putting the two of them together works well as they had into town for a couple of supply pick-ups. There's a little bit of history that's touched upon every so slightly at first as they end up at the shop that Kanata looked into on her first day in town. That it's also a place that has ties to Rio makes it a little awkward because she doesn't know while everyone else does, and even Noel and Naomi think it's a bit unfortunate that she's not aware of the full connection. There is some good dialogue in here that expands the world, giving it a good potential future vision for the viewer as we learn that life in the sea has died and nothing lives there anymore, as Kanata is entranced by some glass sculptures of dolphins. The war and all that it brought to bear is given more little bits of nuance and information through moments like these as it teases it out and forces the viewer to put it all together.

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