How to Tell When Hoda Is Trying To Ignore You (VIDEO)

When Hoda Kotb doesn't want to talk to someone, she has her methods for getting out of it. On 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM on NBC), she showed us a couple of them. If Kotb suddenly picks up the phone as you approach and the conversation sounds a little forced, it might be because no one is on the other line. Likewise, when she has her headphones on, she might not be listening to music.

Kotb told the story of being trapped on a plane with a guy who wouldn't stop talking. Though the system was not yet turned on, she put her headphones on, hoping the guy would get the idea. Instead, he put his own headphones on, and when he found they weren't working, he called the attendant, who said the system hadn't been turned on yet. "And I'm so busted," said Kotb, "that I don't know what to do, that I keep, I'm like, 'Mine's on.'"


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