El Cazador de la Bruja Season 1 Part 1 Review

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Clocking in at twenty-six episode series, El Cazador de la Bruja (The Hunt for the Witch) has been called the successor to Noir and Madlax in the apparent girls with guns trilogy that the creators have wanted to make. After those two series, it's little surprise that Bee Train would return to it again even if there is an air of familiarity to it all. I've been a wary fan of Bee Train's works for a few years now so there's always some skepticism about them whenever I start up a series by them. El Cazador certainly has more than enough room ahead of itself to surprise me, but I suspect it's going to take a bit of effort on their part based on this.

El Cazador takes place in a South American style area where we're introduced to a bounty hunter named Nadie. She's cute, good with guns and has an affable aura about her that makes you feel at ease. She's in some run down little town looking for a pretty blonde girl named Ellis who has a bounty on her head, though it's a dead or alive one. Nadie is intent on taking her alive after she's given something of a mission by an elderly fortuneteller that she's known for some time. Ellis doesn't exactly cop to being who she is even when presented with photographic truth, and it almost seems like she's playing the amnesia card at first. It's more that she's simply trying to disappear to some extent, but life won't let her. When other bounty hunters show up, they cause plenty of trouble as Nadie tries to keep Ellis safe and alive, circumstances that eventually put them on the road together to find the place of eternity that the fortuneteller told Ellis about.

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