AWKWARD (MTV) “Jenna Lives” Review

AWKWARD "Jenna Lives" Season 1, Episode 5 – If there was any message to be found in the latestAwkward episode, "Jenna Lives," it’s that jumping to conclusions isn’t always a bad thing. Yes, sometimes you’ll be wrong in your assumptions, but what if you’re right? You might just find yourself with a creepy little stalker of your very own.

After Matty decided he wasn’t ready for a relationship with Jenna (you know, after he took her virginity and slept with her a bunch of times), he has the balls to show up to school with his arm wrapped around a hot chick named Olivia. Like any teenage girl, Jenna is appropriately obsessed with finding out exactly what’s up with that. Does Matty just not want to be with her and if so, why not?

Could it have something to do with her so-called suicide attempt? It sure seems that way to Jenna, especially when she starts seeing a guy around school wearing a T-shirt that says "Jenna Lives" on the front and "In Tribute" on the back. Sure, he claims that it’s an advertisement for his tribute band, but Jenna is convinced that not only is the shirt all about her, but that the continued attention given to her suicide scandal is why Matty seems to want Olivia instead. Read More...


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