One Piece Season 10 Episode 391 Tyranny! The Rulers of Sabaody, the Celestial Dragons Recap

After landing on the Sabaody Archipelago, the Straw Hats begin searching for a man Hatchan knows who can coat their ship so they can continue on to Fishman Island. Usopp and Franky stay behind to make repairs to the ship and Sanji stays as well to guard the treasure for Nami. Hachi tells the Straw Hats that the World Nobles are also known as the Celestial Dragons and that they wear masks so that they don't breath the same air as the common people. He also tells them that Sabaody is crawling with famous pirates, bounty hunters, and slave traders. Luffy notices a wound on Hachi's head to which Hachi tells them not to mind it and also to treat Keimi and himself like humans. Meanwhile Luffy, Brook, Chopper and Hachi run into a runaway slave who is begging for someone to take off his slave collar. He tries to take it off himself but then the collar explodes. The Celestial Dragons come to the scene and Hachi tells Luffy and the others to get on their knees. They start kicking and torturing the dead slave, and Luffy struggles to not interfere. Pappag reveals the World Nobles to be the descendants of the creators of the World Government and harming them is an act of war.

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