One Day - Review

One Day, Anne Hathaway, ... | DAYS OF THEIR LIVES Lighting on the same day each year, the film follows its characters' relationship's ups and downs for nearly two decades

One Day is a drippy, uninvolving movie adaptation of a best-selling novel once described by an Entertainment Weekly book critic as ''a nuanced love story disguised as a beach read'' and ''a surprisingly deep romance'' that opens with a ''Hollywood-ready setup.'' That book critic now wants to ask this movie critic what went wrong. Conveniently, both critics are me.

But first, the Hollywood-ready setup: Emma Morley (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter Mayhew (Across the Universe's Jim Sturgess) meet in 1988 on the day of their graduation from the University of Edinburgh. He's a rich hottie for whom everything has come easily, especially women. She's a funky, scholarly wonk from working-class stock, with aspirations of being a writer and little luck with men. The two spend a kind of cutely awful night together followed by a restoratively radiant day after that suggests the two are obviously meant for each other. Of course, they don't know that yet. In fact, in the way of Jane Austen novels and When Harry Met Sally..., they don't know it for years, during which Emma and Dexter are Just Best Friends — albeit the kind of BFs who pine for one another's company even as their day-to-day circumstances separate them even further over the years. To dramatize the passage of time, both the book and the movie versions of One Day check in on Em and Dex every year for 20 years, always on the July anniversary of their meeting, to create a portrait of one couple's love in all its happiness, sadness, confusion, and excitement. Read More...,,20518903,00.html


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