Final Destination 5 - Review

Final Destination | FINAL DESTINATION 5 Not the best vision plan at this office

In Final Destination 5, Death makes the point yet again that it will not be cheated. And happily for those of us who enjoy the FD series' grotesquely clever premise beyond reason, unfortunate folks still refuse to pay attention, with inventively dire consequences. It's been twelve years since Flight 180 exploded in the original Final Destination, way back in a pre 9/11 universe when a gaggle of high school kids meant to expire in the explosion survived instead — all because one teen with a premonition saved a handful of his classmates. Of course, as a result, those ''lucky'' survivors threw the laws of the horror-movie universe off balance. Which is why each expired, in one exotic way or another, in the months that followed. Now, a dozen years later, Death — personified by franchise stalwart and Candyman star Tony Todd as an excellently creepy coroner — demonstrates what happens to those who don't pay attention to cosmic rules. Read More...,,20517855,00.html


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