Alphas: "Bill And Gary's Excellent Adventure" Review

This episode strayed from the formula that has been established on Alphas so far by having the threat the team faced be decidedly human and not another "evil Alpha of the week." I'm glad they did this, as it helped shake things up a bit and not have another ending, like Gary even referenced here (in an amusing touch and one of several good Gary lines this week), where the villain either is sent to the compound or ends up dead. 

As the title hinted, the focus was on Bill and Gary, though it was really Bill's story, with Gary along for the ride (and desperately hoping to drive of course). Bill's felt a bit one-note up until now and there was certainly an attempt to remedy that here, which I feel was somewhat successful. We learned more about Bill's past and the incident with a coworker where Bill's super strength led to him seriously hurting the guy. And Bill had a very personal reason to want to find Lisa, an abducted girl, as he felt it could be the key to getting him back in the FBI.  Read More...


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