Hanamaru Kindergarten Season 1 Episode 5 Review: A Hanamaru Detective/A Hanamaru First Love

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

Hanamaru Kindergarten manages to find a decent balance of episodes once again as it lets Anzu dominate one and then gives the story in the second half over to Koume, while also making sure that Anzu gets a good voice and Hii plays a solid supporting role throughout. Sometimes there are moments that I get taken out of the show with how the kids get away with things they shouldn't do, even if it is a show aimed at adults, but that's more because I've been around kindergarten kids so much and it's something that clicks the wrong way. But outside of that, this show works really well with what it does.

The first story for this episode is definitely cute as Anzu decides that she wants a date with Tsuchida but he declines since he has a busy Sunday planned. Of course, busy for him is sitting inside and playing games all day long. Anzu decides to play detective with this and gets the others to go with her to stalk him, while also calling him to draw him out into the world. With him out, they spend the day watching him go to all his usual places. Getting Evangelion toys, ogling waitresses at a restaurant and reading adult magazines in the convenience store. All of these things are difficult for Anzu to see but she stays true to him. Amusingly, Anzu's mother is playing along with this by stalking the kids from the shadows to make sure they're alright, but also to help out when Tsuchida ends up in a bad place with some local street toughs that ends rather predictably but within what you'd expect from this show.

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