Curb Your Enthusiasm: "The Hero" Review

The idea of seeing Larry David and Ricky Gervais square off onCurb Your Enthusiasm is pretty much a can't lose scenario. And while it perhaps wasn't among the very best Curb can offer (on a show with a very, very high bar to reach), it delivered more than enough to make for a satisfying, memorable episode. 

The opening on the plane was great. I loved the continuation of the Pinkberry bit from last week and Larry's openly critical "I can do better than this. I'll pick it up," proclamation to Donna (Samantha Mathis, a long way from Pump up the Volume), the pretty woman who sat next to him on the plane and who he quickly began hitting on. And while Larry stopping the belligerent drunk – and making Larry the accidental hero of the episode title -- was funny, a true highlight of the episode was the confrontation Larry had with the woman who tried to stop him from using the bathroom in coach.  Read More...


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