'Big Brother 13': The 'humilitard' and the POV ceremony


When we last left off with the "Big Brother 13" hamsters, Daniele had nominated Shelly and Adam. What will happen with POV? If you want to jump on the live feeds, it's not too late to sign up for the live feeds - we suspect an endurance comp coming tomorrow night.Post-NominationRachel preens about her and Brendon not being on the block. Don't count your chickens, Red. Meanwhile, Shelly is not happy and immediately talks to Daniele, who assures her Brendon is the target. Shelly is on board with that.Shelly goes to Rachel and says their alleged three-person deal (Brendon, Rachel and Shelly for final three) has made the rounds because Porsche told everybody - because she heard it from Rachel. Porsche says Rachel said that Shelly approached them about final three, but Rachel didn't trust Shelly, so there was no deal. The editors do have a clip of Shelly asking them if they'd consider taking...



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