'Love in the Wild' finale: Mike and Samantha or Miles and Heather, who won?


So who won "Love in the Wild"? And how did they get there?Post-Couples Choice CeremonyThe two couples left are super likable and hang out with each other in a nice way. Leaves me not much to snark on, booooo! They toast to being in the finals. Oh, c'mon. Fight! Fight! Fight!The Adventure, Day OneThe final adventure will last two days. They start by canoeing up a river to their backpacks, which include overnight gear, food and dry clothes. There they get another map with tasks and the Day One finish line. They will leave the next day "Amazing Race"-style - in the order they finished, with the same time difference. On Day Two, they will climb to a lake at the top of a volcano, which is crazy-awesome.At the start, Mike and Sam get to the canoes easily, but Miles is not much of a swimmer and they start lagging. Miles hilariously talking-heads that he's...



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