Recap: 'Big Brother' Wednesday - Another PoV Shakeup

I’m not much for prognostication, as a general rule. But even if I were a long-term "Big Brother" viewer, I would have ceased long ago trying to figure out who is the favorite to win this season. Trying to apply things like "logical reasoning" to what’s gone down this year is a sure fire way to drive oneself crazy. The best way to think about anything that happens is to assume that the person making the latest bizarre decision just got hit in the head with a shovel by Julie Chen. If you go off of that premise, then everything else falls into place.

When last I dropped in on the show here at Monkeys as Critics, Kalia was HoH, Brendon was out of the house, and Lawon had only just come up with what certainly has to be considered one of the worst strategic moves in reality television history. Daniele managed to win HoH at a critical time in the game…only to put up two relative floaters instead of purging the field of fellow veteran competitors. My best guess at to why she did it?? Brendon is in fact a Dementor. It makes sense, in that every time I look at him I worry that I will never, ever feel happiness again.

Guess that means the next hour will be sour, if you’ll indulge a brief moment of recap poetry. Only one way to find out…

"Here we go again," says Adam, now on the block for the third time. Daniele thinks she’s played this well, with the option to backdoor Brendon still in play. Shelly’s still a lying liar that lies about her previous deal with Brenchel. (I CAN’T BELIEVE I have to use that combo name again. I thought I was past this. Sigh.) The two women agree to unite and cleave that couple once and for all. "I suck at lying," Daniele says once alone. Heh. Next up in the HoH Room: Adam! She reiterates that Brendon needs to leave, thereby neutralizing Rachel on her own. "You’re just a pawn in my game," she says. "Pawns go home," says the newly shorn Adam. Had he decided to grow a Fienberg-esque beard, he would be my prohibitive favorite to win. Oh well. That whisker war is over. Read More...


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