Review: 'One Day' offers phony romance, strands Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess

In the parlance of today's pop culture, Team Hathaway.  Totally.

Anne Hathaway is what the studio system used to produce routinely.  She's got good comedy chops, she's absolutely got dramatic chops, she's physically substantial enough to pull off action, and she's been unafraid of nudity since day one.  She has a strong female appeal, and she's anchored some big hits like "The Princess Diaries" and "The Devil Wears Prada," movies that play right down the middle to the romantic comedy market.  She's also made a lot of unpredictable choices, and she's taken risks, and she's pushed herself onscreen.  She gets to go further than a lot of the classic-era movie stars did.  I have no doubt she would have been doing big studio musicals and comedies and dramatic Oscar bait routinely in the '40s or the '50s, but she's got a brittle thing about her, something that she likes to play, that makes her interesting, unafraid to be disliked.  

That's something I admire in a performer.  There are movie stars who have absolutely crippled good screenplays or good movies because they insisted on changes out of fear that their character will be disliked, but Hathaway isn't concerned with that.  She's willing to play a part like in "Brokeback Mountain" or "Love And Other Drugs" where she's downright difficult to like at times.  She embraces it.  When actors make really strong choices, and when they bring a complicated inner life to things, it can be off-putting.  I look at the breadth of what Hathaway's done, and I see a very smart person making very smart choices, both in terms of material and performance. Read More...


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