'Law & Order: UK' 5.01 'The Wrong Man' Review

Yes, it can. It's not the same show - but it could never be. What it is, is still a fine piece of dramatic television.

Suzanne Morton dies four hours after developing flu-like symptoms, and it's the third inexplicable loss in the same hospital department within six months. That makes it worthy of investigation by DS Brooks and DS Devlin. Matt gets a headache as our heroes get bounced from doctor to doctor, finally uncovering that one may have given Suzanne the wrong meds. Dr. Grant is apprehended trying to flee the country, and claims that he's just the fall guy for a hospital conspiracy. Also, he's not the real Adrian Grant, either. What the deuce is going on here?


Based on Law & Order's first regular-season episode ("Prescription for Death" in 1990), "The Wrong Man" makes the same premise hold up more than twenty years later, thanks to an efficient script by Debbie O'Malley, who last penned the series four episode "Duty of Care."  It's not hard to believe that an experienced physician could be a functioning addict whose colleagues cover his back (we now have a whole show based around that idea called House). The plot moves along at a steady pace and doesn't get lost in medical jargon; in fact, there's a nice scene where a confused Matt asks for clarifications, allowing both character and the audience to grasp the necessary information without breaking the flow of the story. Read More....



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