Big Brother 13: The Lesser of Two Evils

On Sunday's Big Brother, Shelly's fence-riding between both factions of the house finally caught up to her, which resulted in a huge target being placed on her back. Tonight's episode of Big Brother, however, showed how Shelly's antics are actually more tolerable than others.

After the Nominations Ceremony, Shelly spoke with Daniele about trying to backdoor Brendon, but Daniele stated in the Diary Room how Shelly going home wouldn't phase her one bit. Has Shelly spun her last lie with the Houseguests? Nope.

Later, Jordan, Rachel and Jeff went to one of the bedrooms and was followed by Shelly, who decided this would be the perfect time to bring up what was "really" said about a Final Three deal with Brendon and Rachel. With most of the Houseguests (sans Adam and Daniele) in the room, Shelly tried to call Rachel out on her "lie," but failed miserably and landed in her own trap. This is what is 'confusing' me. Does Shelly truly believe that she didn't try to make that deal with Rachel and Brendon? Granted, Shelly asked the couple if they would consider taking her to final three, but the fact that the conversation even took place is damning enough in the eyes of the House Guests, especially after Shelly is known for playing both sides of the fence. Read More...


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