El Cazador de la Bruja Season 1 Part 2 Review

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In the first half of El Cazador, we got the basics down pretty easily as to what to expect. Ellis is a mysterious woman with a witching background that has her the subject of caution and envy among others. Factions within a mysterious group either want to control her or kill her for their own benefit and those factions aren't exactly working in sync with each other. The end result is that Nadie and Ellis are on the move to their mysterious and uncertain destination while having small adventures along the way and getting to know each other better as well as themselves.

Ellis' background is a pretty big mystery but she has a few scraps to work with as she remembers what happened to the doctor that was working with her and how she's responsible for his death. This set opens well by really exploring her time with Doctor Schneider and we see the bond that grew between them as Ellis began to discover what love is. With her being told several times now that emotions are not natural for her kind, something L.A. himself seems to have not realized that he's gained, Watching Ellis go through the changes with the doctor as she learns to care for him and he for her is a really good episode that helps you connect with her much more. She's been an alright character so far, made up with a few cute quirks such as her yessirs, but she's been mostly a blank slate.

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