Colin Farrell in 'Fright Night': A Remake You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

That’s Nina Garcia eviscerating another would-be designer on "Project Runway" a few weeks ago. But I’m quoting Ms. G because she completely nailed my feelings about "Fright Night," a remake of the goofy and entertaining 1985 horror-comedy about a teen boy whom no one believes when he claims a vampire moves in next door.

In fact, the new "Fright Night" is actually an improvement in many ways -- it's good enough, and entertaining enough, and scary enough. It's just that by Labor Day, you’ll probably forget you even saw it.

The original was shot in a quiet neighborhood that was very obviously a studio backlot, but this update features a very specific setting: a sun-baked suburb of Las Vegas where former nerd Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) lives with his mom Jane (Toni Collette). Since Sin City is known for its nightlife and its transient population, what better place for a vampire who wants his crimes to escape notice? Read More...


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