Anderson Cooper Has a Giggle Fit During Gerard Depardieu Pee Segment (VIDEO)

It was a wild night on CNN. First Christine O'Donnell walked off 'Piers Morgan Tonight' in the middle of an interview. Then, Anderson Cooper got a serious case of the giggles during a 'Ridiculist' segment about French actor Gerard Depardieu's public urination on an plane.
Depardieu is accused of peeing on the floor while his flight was stuck on the tarmac; he claims he wasn't allowed to use the bathroom. In telling the story, Cooper threw out about 20 pee-puns, which he found so hilarious that he started giggling uncontrollably for about twenty seconds. "This has never actually happened to me," Cooper said, fighting through laughter.
The line in particular that seemed to trip him up was, "All I can say is, they're lucky it wasn't a Depar-two."
It's good to know even CNN isn't above some quality bathroom humor. Check out the video after the jump.


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