Torchwood: Miracle Day - "The Middle Men" Review

"The Middle Men" still suffers from the same problem that "The Categories of Life" had, which is the band needs to get back together. It's not that the story hasn't been intriguing while theTorchwood team has been split up, but this new group works so much better together that keeping them apart seems like a waste of the limited time this series has to tell its story. 

It would have been nice if Rex and Esther's escape from the overflow camp could have been squeezed into the conclusion of last week's episode. It does have a few good moments however. Rex's fruitless attempt to escape the camp by dressing up in military fatigues was good for a laugh and Esther's desperate fight with Colin Maloney (Marc Vann) was surprisingly tense. Esther's been looking for an opportunity to feel like she's making a difference and it looks like she finally found her moment to shine. 

Simultaneously, Rhys and Gwen are working towards a similar escape of the Wales overflow camp but also need to save Papa Cooper before he's shipped off to be burned alive. If it wasn't already obvious, Gwen's conversation with one of the Overflow Camp doctors is used to draw a parallel to Nazi concentration camps. Even though the allusion to concentration camps has been pretty evident, Gwen's desperate pleas with Dr. Patel to not "just follow orders" was still chilling. Those who are in charge of running these camps appear to have been frozen with fear as they helplessly watched the medical infrastructure of the entire planet fall a part, leaving them complacent to blindly follow the first, seemingly logical, order they hear.  Read more...


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