Strike Back: "Episode One" Review

In what was billed for us Yanks as 24 Meets Call of Duty", Chris Ryan's anti-terrorism action series Strike Back, a British series from 2010, is now producing new episodes as part of a co-financed operation between British Sky Broadcasting and Cinemax. So, much like Starz' new co-sponsered season of Torchwood which includes Americans, the members of the "off the books" Section 20, who deal with high risks and priority targets now enter their Season 2 with a new American hero in their ranks. Do you have to have seen the first six episodes of the British series to know what's going on here in the new Season 2 that debuts Friday, August 12th at 10pm? Not at all. Though British fans might lament the absence of Richard Armitage's John Porter who was the ass-kicking hero of the original series. 

In Armitage's place now is Philip Winchester's (Starz' Camelot) gruff Sgt. Michael Stonebridge. And because this show now needs the inclusion of some 'Mericans, Stonebridge now must team up with a disgraced ex-Delta Force tool named Damien Scott (amusingly played by Australian Sullivan Stapleton, mind you!), who turns what could be a smart action series into a very dumb smart action series. You get the feeling that he's basically what they think an American Special Forces soldier would act like. And it ain't pretty. So now it's not just an action movie, it's an 80's action movie. Or a Van Damm movie even. Where the dreadfully obnoxious Scott gets to say things "Relax, buddy," give people the finger and call his new partner "Stonehenge." Because he's British, you see.  Read More...


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