Futurama: "Fry Am The Egg Man" Review

I really enjoyed "Fry Am The Egg Man," until the last act when things just sort of petered out. The silly vignettes of the opening gave way to an interesting conflict on a distant planet, only to deliver a relatively weak ending. Does the ending ruin the entire half hour? Not by much, but instead of being the classic it could have been, Thursday night's episode was only pretty darn good. 

Again, the beginning of the episode had a number of silly and very funny bits that were loosely tied together. There was the funny visual of the pogo stick robots that had nothing to do with anything except for providing the funny visual of pogo stick robots. From there, we ventured into futuristic fast food with cheese on everything including the "froot" cups. The gags early on were funny and came fast. The farmer's market delivered more great sight gags and a cameo from the Amazonian women. They're presence gave Fry a chance to use my new favorite adjective: "I'm scare-roused." Breakfast the next morning with Leela's all-natural foods kept the pace and humor moving.  Read More...



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