ThunderCats: "Ramlak Rising" Review

Sorry for the lateness on this review, guys. Been mad busy over here. "Ramlak Rising" was a good follow-up to the excellent double-episode premiere, but at times it was just too on the nose with regards to Lion-O's anger-arc which made it a bit too predictable. On the upside, it was a lot of fun checking out the new landscapes of Third Earth; some of them even resembling bits and pieces of WoW's Azeroth here and there. 

With Panthro still not officially a part of this group, we followedLion-OTygra and Cheetara and they headed out, at Lion-O's command, to kill Mumm-Ra. It was interesting to see just how obedient, even begrudgingly, Tygra and Cheetara were to Lion-O because he was now king. It helped show the true importance of that title but we also were given a very different Tygra this week compared to the brash older brother from the premiere. He almost faded back into being a non-character like he was back in the original series a little bit. The addition of WilyKit and WilyKat to the group was a welcome sub-plot as the two of them infused a lot of charm into the gang; especially considering how dour Lion-O was in this chapter.  Read More...


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