Warehouse 13: "3...2...1" Review

Warehouse 13 tries out a new storytelling format this week, and for the most part it works. The artifact of the week has a story that is told through 3 generations of warehouse agents, and each one adds its own flavor to the episode. But one part definitely stands out above the rest: the brilliant detective work of H.G. Wells. 

Yes, that's right. H.G. Wells is back, and actress Jaime Murray is as lovely in the role as she always was. The episode wastes no time in getting her involved in things, as Myka convinces the powers-that-be to let the holographic form of H.G. help out. This leads to this week's story unraveling in a fun and different manner. 

We're treated to some flashbacks as we see exactly how the Warehouse agents back in the day handled things. The sequence has a weird camera zoom effect going on that is so overused it gets quite annoying. Still, this is a nice change of pace. This story has a heavy Sherlock Holmes feel, with H.G. Wells even making an obvious Arthur Conan Doyle reference to make the point even clearer. Read More...



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