Wolverine Anime: "Yukio" Review

I thought last week's premiere of this series was an utter disaster: Worst. Wolverine. Ever. But I have to admit this episode shows improvement. 

Things start right where we left off, with Wolverine in his not-so-great battle with Yukio's father Shingen. Just as we start to see shades of the real Wolverine we all know and love, Logan succumbs to a tranquilizer dart and spends a good part of the episode unconscious and at the mercy of his captors. Meanwhile, Logan's buddy Asano is trying to save his ass while Logan is out cold and about to get run over by a train. Although I do like that the story tries to amp up the drama by showing Wolverine as vulnerable and in serious peril, it's kind of troublesome to have your title character (with a reputation of being epicly bad-ass) having has ass handed to him for most of the series so far, and pretty much incapacitated for the bulk of this episode.  Read More....



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