Iron Man Anime: "Going Nuclear" Review

The best action shows successfully blend the fights and explosions with intriguing plots and great writing, and so far thisIron Man series is getting the formula right. 

First, let me say I really dig Adrian Pasdar as Stark. He carries the show with a mix of humor and perplexed thoughtfulness, although the writing does have a few cheesy lines that might fit more in a Spider-man show. 

On the other side, I detest the Nanami character, who is still quite annoying - but when she enters "serious reporter mode", as Tony calls it, she's not so bad. In the Wolverine anime, I'm enjoying the supporting cast more than the main character, but in this series I just want the side characters to go away so I can get more of Tony Stark/Iron Man. The side characters are just comic relief, but there's nothing we need to be "relieved" from.  Read More...


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