Torchwood: Miracle Day - "The Categories of Life" Review

With Miracle Day hitting its midway point, I was hoping that the series would have picked up a bit more steam. A little more about the secret organization behind Phicorp would have been appreciated but it looks like we will have to wait at least another week for that. "The Categories of Life" is a great concept for an episode however. Imagine government, along with Big Pharma, determining who is alive versus who should technically be dead. That's a solid basis for an episode. While Dr. Juarez explores one of the controversial overflow camps and discovers its terrible secret, the rest of the group isn't given much else to do besides watch Dr. Juarez do her thing, save for Captain Jack, who hunts down Oswald Danes once again. 

Dr. Juarez's discovery of the horrific conditions inside the overflow camp leads to an emotional outburst of frustration. Remember, the procedure at the overflow camps is based on her recommendations, but twisted to meet Phicorp's needs. Juarez is horrified by the realization that her recommendations have been perverted and used to create such an unbearable situation for the millions of sick and injured that have been brought to these camps. While the concept of a "Miracle Day" is unlikely to manifest itself in the real world, the very realistic reaction by the governments of the world in "The Categories of Life" has a frightening ring of truth to it. Even if you remove the corporate greed of Phicorp, the health care crisis that the world would face is very real. The scary realization that things may not play out that differently from what is depicted in this episode did cross my mind and I love that RTD is giving the Torchwood writers an opportunity to look at these morally challenging concepts.  Read More...


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