Blade of the Immortal Season 1 Review

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Blade of the Immortal moves through its middle arc and it is, like many twelve episode series, fairly much a transitional piece that moves things around a bit and explores the relationships a bit more. With a fairly lengthy manga behind this that deals in a few arcs, I can appreciate that they're working within specific areas to tell this story. But with only thirteen episodes you go into it with the feeling that we're only getting a snapshot of the larger picture and we're going to be left wanting more, if we actually like it.

And Blade of the Immortal is quite a good show, though because of its structure here these episodes come across a bit weaker than the first. The four episodes here are basically split into two stories but both deal heavily in the burden that Manji suffers through by being near immortal since there is a way to kill him. The opening story is one that is potentially quite fascinating as Manji and Rin come across a man named Shizuma who has been gifted the bloodworms by the Yaobikuni just like Manji has been. He's been around for some two hundred years now, buried five wives and numerous friends but is now dealing with the Itto-ryu. Except he's changed over time and he's convinced that he needs Manji's help in order to bring down Kagehisa since the man is exceptionally skilled, even if mortal. Shizuma lets loose with a few facts about the Itto-ryu which helps set things up, but the two men are destined for conflict.

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