Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Season 1 Episode 34 Review: Ice Queen

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood hits a very good note with this episode as a lot of little things come into focus, though some of it won't be apparent if you haven't read the manga to know what it all means. The episode keeps things quite simple as it's all about Ed and Al and their time at Briggs, which is now changing since they're inside the fortress and Olivier Armstrong is giving them time to actually come clean about things. Some of the people inside there are surprised to learn that Ed is actually a State Alchemist, but you almost get the feeling that the Elric brother is quite used to it by now even if it does frustrate him.

Olivier's view of the world is one that completely defines Briggs in that everyone there will do whatever it takes to protect the country, even if that country isn't truly worth that protection and its sacrifice. It's a group of hardened misfits in a way who all have their secrets but do seem to have little problem admitting them to others. Ed and Al are called out by Olivier to reveal what they're really doing there, and they do give up certain information but keep a lot of the big damning material to themselves such as who the Fuhrer really is and the homunculi as well. The boys do have a really fun moment learning what their temporary job will be as well as running into an old subordinate of Mustang's who is embarrassed about his position but still quite open to showing the brothers all about the fortress and the weapons development going on there.

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