What You Need to Know: Tears to Tiara

This is one of the most faithful game adaptations I've ever seen. Right down to the characters, chapter breaks and dialogue, Silver Fox has taken the all ages visual novel ported to PS3 earlier this year and made a few little changes for continuity. For the vast majority of you, this is not going to be a problem but for the few of you out there who actually have played any version of this game before, very little is different so look forward to fairly predictable viewing.

The theme to remember: Following oaths is good, understanding them is better.

The overall theme is revealed through Arthur's growth as a character. Early in the series, Arthur can be a tough character to get behind sometimes. He is undoubtedly brave and loyal to his people but he can also be amazingly dense. As Arthur takes in new experiences on the battlefield and learns new lessons, the series will make sure that you are crystal clear on what the hidden message is before deciding on if the journey to get there was worth it.

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