One Piece Season 10 Episode 437 Review: Because He's Our Friend - Bon Clay's Do-or-Die Rescue

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While I've been on a see-saw with how I feel about this arc of One Piece, the show in general is still a good deal of fun. Thankfully, this one is a more appealing episode as it isn't exactly treading water or just sitting there. The previous fight between Magellan and Luffy was good since we finally got to see both of them cut loose and a whole lot of passion out of Luffy when it comes to doing what he has to in order to rescue Ace. All of it ended badly though with Luffy covered in various poisons that'll eat away at him while Bon Clay had run off and the other two were long gone before that.

Luffy has only a minor role in this episode which is actually a good thing since we don't want to see a miracle recovery just yet for him. Where the focus turns is on Bon Clay, Buggy and Mr. 2 as Magellan is ready to head back upstairs after sending Luffy off to freeze to death in Level 5 where it's a wintry hell. There's a very amusing sequence where we see Magellan chastising Hannyabal over his performance since everyone got beat up by Bon Clay as he escaped up to Level 3, leaving Buggy and Mr. 2 behind, since Hannyabal has a very adversarial/cowardly relationship with the Warden. The truth of it that comes out shortly thereafter I will admit surprised me though it is something that works perfectly where people are using their abilities properly and to good effect.

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