'Big Brother 13's' Daniele's HOH blog: 'How the heck did Brendon get voted back into this house??'


Daniele won her second Head of Household in the "Big Brother 13" game this summer. She writes in her next HOH blog:Second time's a charm.Wow. Where do I begin?? This HAS to be the season of the worst game moves. EVER! From trying to backdoor Jeff prematurely, to Lawon asking to be evicted, to keeping Rachel in the house. HOLY CANNOLI! One of the stupidest moves in this game is to evict one of your own allies... Why would anyone do that? Lawon was a back up plan that went very wrong. Last week I finally saw the people I can trust and the people who I cannot, plain as day. Maybe I'm a pessimist, but I try and think logically through worst case scenario... if it's the worst thing that can possibly happen, it probably will. This isn't my first rodeo and I know how this game works. I'm not going to lie, it...



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