Recap: 'Big Brother' Thursday - The Sixth Eviction

Thursday's (August 18) "Big Brother" results show is sure to be anti-climactic, right? There's no way that Daniele fails to finally lop the head off of Zombie Brendon, is there? I know Shelly's been getting on everybody's nerves, but she couldn't find a way to become more obnoxious than Brendon, right?

Let's find out... After the break...

9:03 p.m. Do I really have to type "humilitard"? Really, "Big Brother"? Thanks for nothing.

9:04 p.m. Also? Stop staying "Brenchel" in official contexts. If bloggers and 'shippers want to do it, that's our business, but every time Julie Chen is forced to say "Brenchel," a tiny piece of me dies inside. Read More...


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