Will Shelly or Brendon Get Evicted from the 'Big Brother' House? (VIDEO)

Would it be Shelly going home, or would Daniele get to preside over the eviction of Brendon a second time on 'Big Brother' (Thu., 9PM ET on CBS)? After floundering last week, when Lawon volunteered to get eliminated because he had delusions of a super-powered return and Brendon returned to the house instead, Daniele got her game back on track this week.
She won HOH, and immediately started testing the waters with other possible strategies. She always had in the back of her mind the notion of backdooring Brendon, but it was a gamble when she didn't nominate him.

By not nominating him right off, though, he wasn't guaranteed a play in the POV competition. That gamble paid off big time when Adam won and pulled himself off the block. Now, there was no way for Brendon to save himself, and all she needed to do was ensure she had enough votes to evict him again.


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