'Burn Notice' 5.09 'Eye For An Eye' Review

Things are full speed ahead in this week's Burn Notice. There's a case that shows us great acting andplenty of explosions, plus there's a substantive lead in the hunt for Max's killer. What more could we ask for as we approach midseason?

Thanks to Fiona's ex-boyfriend, Team Westen is now armed with the identity of the bomb-maker. His name is Lucien (Patrick Bauchau), and he happens to be an elderly war criminal in hiding. He might look innocuous (he's even got a cane!) but he is one wily piece of work. He's not inclined to be of any use until they threaten to deport his daughter - then he gives up the identity of the man who hired him. After said guy betrays him in a hail of bullets, Lucien tells Michael to repay the favor by putting one into his now former friend. Somehow, I don't think that'll be difficult.

While Michael and Sam handle Lucien, Fiona helps Jesse with one of his private security gigs. Sadie (Darby Stanchfield) and her husband James (The Cape and 24's James Frain) are curious as to how their alarm keeps going off, and Jesse and Fiona soon find the reason why: James' ex-business partner Dan is back and he's not a happy camper, having escaped from a foreign prison by faking his own death to find that James stole the anti-viral drug he invented and Sadie. Yeah, that would make me cranky, too. Fiona is sympathetic to Dan's story, and convinces Jesse to turn against his client. Read More...



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