Top Moments: Anderson's Potty Humor, A Piers Walkoff and Royal Pains Gets Overexposed

Our top moments of the week:

12. Most and Least Self-Aware: On the perplexing season finale of Ryan & Tatum: The O'Neals, the estranged father and daughter have a wrap-up therapy session in which they (very speedily, thanks to a suspicious edit) appear to reconcile — just one episode after their big blowout in Washington, D.C. "It would be terrible not to have her in my life. I know, because it has been," Ryan says. "I was always holding out hope for us. ... We ain't done." Um, actually we hope you are.

11. Best Pep Talk: Entourage has been criticized for its consequence-free outlook. So it's really no surprise that Vince isn't caught faking a drug test to avoid more jail time. "Things always work out for us," Eric says. Eh, it's the final season; why raise the bar now?

10. Most Triumphant Return: Remember the Kinetic King? The guy whose abysmal non-performance on America's Got Talent made everyone in the audience go "aw"! Two weeks later, the kinetic artist is back for Wild Card week with a new set-up (look, soda cans!) and he's finally able to ignite a chain reaction that makes the audience go "ooo." Ultimately though, the King's special skill might work better as a YouTube oddity than as a stage spectacle (it's kind of slow and boring). But hey, he did it! And he's moving on to the semifinals! Read More...


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