'Big Brother 13': Who will the new HOH nominate?


Warning: SPOILERS for the "Big Brother 13" Head of Household competition from Thursday night (Aug. 18) and for discussions so far about nominations.After the endurance HOH ended last night, Jeff was crowned the first male HOH this season. It was neck-and-neck for awhile, but Jeff pulled away and won by a good bit. Daniele, Porsche and Kalia were not happy, while Rachel and Shelly seemed to be working on J&J to get the other one put up.In the end, it sounds like Jeff and Jordan are pretty sure they want to nominate Porsche and Kalia, with Daniele as the backdoor option if one of them wins Power of Veto. Frankly, I think that's kind of dumb. Daniele gets an automatic POV competition spot this week, but I don't think Jeff and Jordan remembered that. I would nominate the automatic POV player for sure. If Daniele plays anyway and uses the POV to get Kalia taken...



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