'Louie' - 'Halloween/Ellie': Trick or treat?

'Louie' - 'Halloween/Ellie': Trick or treat?

A review of last night's "Louie" coming up just as soon as my dog turns off the alarm clock... 

Heh. So I wrote a whole essay about how "Louie" has taken a turn for the dramatic this season, and then the very next episode winds up being one of the lighter ones of the bunch. (The second half more than the first.) That'll teach me to violate my whole "don't write without a screener" policy. 

But if this was "Louie" in a minor key, it was still really entertaining, as "Halloween/Ellie" linked up a pair of stories about what happens when you push past your limitations. 

In the first, Louie goes against his better judgment and lets the girls continue trick-or-treating after the sun goes down, and they quickly discover that adult Halloween in New York is something very different from kid Halloween. At first, their encounter with the obnoxious ghouls seemed like a rehash of the incident from season 1's "Bully," but in this case, Louie was able to fight back - with a major assist from his younger daughter - even if it was in a very Louie way that involved attacking not the men, but the nearby store window.  Read More...



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