‘Burn Notice’ Season 5, Episode 9, ‘An Eye For An Eye’: TV Recap

Time to catch a bomb maker. Michael and Fiona have information about a war criminal who is hiding in plain sight in Tallahassee. So Fiona gives Michael two semi-automatic weapons and tells him to "be safe."

Sitting in front of an antique clock shop, Sam stuffs his face with a third doughnut, to Michael’s amazement. It turns out Sam’s lady friend has him on a diet. Rough.

Out of the car and into the store, Michael and Sam put on their best southern accents. But Michael blows it, he calls the bespectacled gray-haired man Lucien. These days his non-war criminal buddies call him Luca. Whoops.

To make it to old age as a war criminal, one has to be smart, wily and prepared. Which explains why the floor grate in Lucien’s shop is electrified. But Michael spots it, and he and Sam are safe.

But they are a long way from getting any useful information. Michael sees that Lucien is wearing both of them down, telling them about man after man who entered his shop. Lucien was giving Michael things he wanted to believe. Problem is, Michael wants to believe them. Read More...



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