ROOKIE BLUE “Brotherhood” Review

ROOKIE BLUE "Brotherhood" Season 2 Episode 9 – Unless you are watching a war film set in the Middle Ages, or an era resembling the Middle Ages like Lord of the Rings or Braveheart or Mongol, it’s really really hard to make horseback riding look at all interesting. Watching horses trot around in a little rink and perform ankle high jumps is even more excruciating. So there was this whole Diaz and McNally plot (which also featured a pinch of Epstein) which went nowhere, had no stakes or character arc, and was really really boring. And all because of those damn horses.

There were some other interesting parts: Noelle and Frank finally kiss. Noelle’s desire to have a baby has been an admirably original plot line which, for all its uniqueness, has never really filled me withinterest. Her relationship with Frank, on the other hand, really does and the writers have done a great job pacing this subplot over the length of a few episodes, not drawing it out painfully, but rather letting it organically take its course. It’s great to see characters who could be one-note minors get fleshed out and truly defines Rookie Blue as an ensemble show. Read More...


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