SUITS (USA) “Undefeated” Review

SUITS (USA) "Undefeated" Episode 9 – Okay so I know that everyone is going to say that in tonight’s episode Harvey "met his match", and while I mostly agree with that, I don’t completely agree with it. I like to think that Tanner is the dirtier version if Harvey. As much as Harvey can be a bastard, there are lines that he won’t cross and tonight I was very happy to see where he draws them.

It was that line in fact, which made it possible for Harvey to finally get the upper hand on Tanner. The entire episode Harvey knew what Tanner was going to do, seemingly before the man himself did, but he still could never get ahead in their little game. It wasn’t until Mike gave him a great piece of advice that Harvey finally turned things around and I love the fact that the way he finally beat Tanner was by not being as dirty and conniving as Tanner thought he could be. Harvey won by being the better man and you can’t ask for anything much cooler than that. Read More...


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