BURN NOTICE “An Eye for an Eye” Review

BURN NOTICE "An Eye for an Eye" Season 5 Episode 9 – This episode featured Michael doing things that he does very well – playing crazy and running basically two ops at once. First off he and Sampartner up to question Lucien the bomb maker to find out who hired him. But before he can finish with that job, Fi and Jesse need him for their little project.

So off Michael runs; showing up to give them a hand in those departments where he’s needed. Namely the wackjob department and safecracker department. As much fun as it is to watch Michael get into a big glass box and act like a magician, I really enjoyed watching his insane stalker persona so much more. He brings James nearly to the point of panic, which gives Jesse and Fi the opening they need to get close and tear his business, and his love life, apart before he knows it. Afterwards Michael gets to run back to help Sam finish up with Lucien and luckily they did manage to get some much-needed info out of him before he is taken out by some friends. Read More...



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