Chu-Bra! Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Between Being an Adult and a Kid

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

With Nayu's hopes for an underwear club shattered because of some peeping tom boys, she's finding herself unsure of what to do now. She's had so few dreams in her life, especially since the death of her parents, that when something is taken away it does hit her fairly hard. It's also quite noticeable when she's in this mode as she's very quiet and withdrawn. Keigo has a clue about what's going on but he knows she has to be able come to him herself in order to explain things. There's a very good brother and sister moment where she asks him to help comb her hair, which lets him know that she's about ready to talk about things.

The problems at school are certainly difficult ones for someone like Nayu who is innocent yet talks passionately about underwear. That she does so with it being something more akin to comfort and education rather than anything saucy doesn't matter as adults and others only see it in the least appealing of ways. What saves the situation in the end though is the arrival of Komachi, who is feeling rather guilty about what happened even though he was the one that broke up the peeping. It was that he drew attention to all of it that bothers him since he feels that's what caused it all to flare up like it did. So he wants to help and offers the best suggestion that Nayu could get '' to create and Underwear Appreciation Society so they can meet and talk about things. They just don't get their own club room or funding, but they can gain members and be productive in their own ways.

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